Septic Services in Pasco, Pinellas & Hillsborough County Since 1986

Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Jerry Mills Discount Pumping has been known to go above and beyond standard grease trap cleaning services to handle your entire inside and outside grease disposal needs. These services are vital to certain business and our prompt and professional approach has made us a leader in the Tampa Bay Area.

Indoor or in ground – we work hard keeping grease systems from clogging up. Our comprehensive grease trap cleaning service programs include pumping and regular maintenance, mandated regulatory inspections, keeping you in compliance with all local and state ordinances and managing required manifest records.

Our highly trained technicians will pump, clean, dispose and inspect your systems, check for warning signs, and suggest appropriate service frequencies & maintenance plans to help keep your grease system running smoothly. No business should have to deal with a back-up, be shut down, or lose customers because of a septic back up, grease overflow or drain issue. Discount Pumping is here to help your business.

Inside Grease Traps

Inside grease trap cleaning service is provided to commercial businesses in the food service industry; restaurants, hotels, commercial cafeterias, retirement homes, school dining facilities, etc. Our technicians fully clean and service your interior grease traps, properly scrape walls of traps and inspect the condition of the trap, baffles and covers.  We also update the service log appropriately to provide health department inspectors and local regulatory agencies with all the proper info.

Proper interior grease trap cleaning servicing is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. Fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in your pipes causing back-ups if service is not consistent. Some towns require a specific frequency for grease trap services.

  • Certified technicians will pump, clean and inspect your inside grease traps.
  • Legally dispose of waste with appropriate documentation then submit to local authorities
  • We service mandated regular inspections of businesses in our area.
  • Inappropriate service of grease traps / interceptors from restaurants and other food service is a significant problem for wastewater collection or sewer systems.
  • FOGS (Fat, Oil, Grease, Solids) can solidify and congest the main pipeline that leads to the sewage.
  • Failure to properly manage grease traps / interceptors can lead to violations while potentially causing blockage that may prevent you from running your daily business.
  • Replacement, Repairs, Improvements, Maintenance.

Outside Grease Traps

Outside grease trap cleaning service is also provided by Discount Pumping, our techs will empty your outside grease tanks and legally dispose of the waste. At every service, our technicians will check the inlet and outlet pipes, measure the grease thickness, suggest service frequency. Proper frequency of service is a must, outside grease tanks are usually quite large and if not serviced properly, tanks can have grease build up that becomes hardened. This can cause back-ups  outside the building and draining issues on the inside as well.