Septic Services in Pasco, Pinellas & Hillsborough County Since 1986

Septic Repairs & Service

Besides regular pumping and service- Our repair crews can handle just about any septic repair you can throw at them. Tanks, Lines, Distribution Boxes, Baffles, Filters and Drainfields are all able to be serviced, repaired or replaced. We upgrade and install new septic covers (Risers) and build up collars for your cover too.

Common repairs to septic systems include…

  • Line Repair or Replacement
  • Distribution Box, Baffles, Filters and Inlet Outlet Piping
  • Tank Sealing and Cleaning
  • Replacement Cover, Lids and Risers
  • Riser Installation Upgrade for Hassle Free, Cost Effective Servicing
  • Lift Station Repairs and Maintenance

If there is any problem with your septic or waste disposal system, stay clean, call us!
We even offer residential plumbing services as well!

Septic Tank Pumping
Routine septic system pumping is the key to maintaining a healthy system. There is no way to avoid sludge build up, but regular servicing helps keep it at a manageable level.

Your septic system must be cleaned properly and pumped on a regular basis to ensure that your system remains at a healthy liquid balance. That’s where we come in…. LEARN MORE

Riser Installation & Build Up
Our most requested repair and upgrade service is cover replacement and riser installations. Safety is, ours and yours, number one priority and we want to make sure that your septic cover is not a potential hazard. After an inspection of your cover for any weakness and we have several different cover sizes in stock and can handle a replacement of any size and shape. We will also recommend repairs if we identify a problem.

Some septic systems have covers that are entrenched deep underground. To prevent any problems during future servicing, a popular service is the installation of a Build Up, or a Riser, to raise the level of your cover up to or closer to the surface. This will help you to save money on digging fees, avoids nasty steel barbs in the yard and prevents septic servicing problems during the winter frost.

Line Repair or Replacement
Lines from the house carry sewage to the treatment tanks, then to the distribution box and subsequently to an absorption area. Heavy equipment over these lines can cause breakage, not to mention the aging process.

Our professional septic service technicians are able to find, repair and or replace broken sections of lines throughout your system. Our repair crews are up for any challenge and have met some tough matches with Real Estate Professionals. Many new homeowners require this service in order to upgrade their systems.

Distribution Box, Baffles, Filters and Inlet Outlet Piping
The process of getting sewage from the house to the tank and out, includes all of the fixtures. Failure or our poor performance of these items can result in a mess no one wants to clean up.

We stock a variety of these items making prompt repairs a reality.

Tank Sealing
If you are having a problem with low levels in your septic system, our technicians can inspect your septic tank for cracks, leaks, and holes. Tank Sealing is a possible option to repair a tank once it is compromised. When possible, tank sealing is a viable choice before replacement.

Plumbing Service
We have a team of master plumbers on call now too. Besides your removal systems, we can actually help with some of your everyday plumbing needs. Call our one stop shop, make things easy.