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Lift Station Service


Homes that are connected to the sewer system, and not on septic, use a waste gravity system that forces waste out of the dwelling and down lines into lift stations. Waste gathers in collection holds and is then pumped up or lifted to another gravity fed sewer line,which in turn, leads to another lift station. All this eventually leads to a waste water treatment facility, the final stop on the sewer highway.

Each lift station has pumps with control panels which require regular service. These lift stations, over time, also become clogged with all types build up and grease requiring special high pressure water jetting equipment to drain and clean pipes. Lift Stations, in some case, are located every 250-500 feet from one another and require regular care and maintenance- that’s a lot of work and that’s what we’re here for!


We have complete lift station services available including:
Regular Lift Station Maintenance and Service Plans, Installations and Septic to Sewer Conversions. We offer service to residential, commercial and municipal sectors. Our fleet of trucks and experienced technicians are able to serve the entire Tampa Bay area and beyond. We handle indivual systems, community and municipal clients, businesses and industry.


Regular Lift Station Service
Discount Pumping offers Monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance and lift station service programs. We have many options available for bulk system maintenance that include large numbers of stations. Home Owners Associations, Businesses, Realtors and Municipalities all regularly call upon or programs.


Lift Station Installations
We gladly travel the state of Florida installing new and upgrading old systems. We have been working with many townships and municipalities for many years now, and have been apart of big projects. This experience allows us to offer our clients the security of knowing your waste system, upon installation, will operate effectively and efficiently for its life span.

We also work with many engineering firms, product vendors, and planning firms further our ability to provide the entire state of Florida- Prompt, Professional and Reliable Waste Services.

Low Flow, High Flow, Non Clog, Grinder Pumps….. We Know Lift Stations!

Join your town’s sewer system, we can convert you from septic systems to sewer and lift stations!


Municipality or Community? New Development?
We have comprehensive services…LEARN MORE


Septic to Sewer Conversions
Are you ready to connect to your town’s sewer system? We can help! We can remove and rehabilitate where your septic system was installed and upgrade your new system to be completely up to code and ready for sewer service. We can help make this transition hassle free, call Discount Pumping.

We work throughout the Tampa Bay and West Central Florida call today for more information.